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Over 100 HotPac Analyzer engagements for SAP support pack management

We approach SAP differently than other system integrators by leveraging highly collaborative tools and frameworks that we have developed and mapped around each lifecycle stage. We’re also more than just technology consultants in SAP.

Our global NTT DATA teams have expertise in business processes and deep industry experience in life sciences, discrete manufacturing, high-tech industries, consumer products, and the public sector.

As a result, we are uniquely qualified to help you plan, build, manage, and improve your SAP platform.

Innovation Where and When You Need It

Armed with 20 years of SAP and industry experience, NTT DATA consultants approach your SAP projects with a keen appreciation of your industry’s issues and problems – making them far more knowledgeable in offering you specific, tailored SAP lifecycle solutions. Their knowledge is captured and delivered through our SAP lifecycle tools and frameworks that align perfectly with SAP and high level IT certification standards. As a result, we can make SAP projects less costly and more efficient, and enable faster time-to-market.

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In addition, SAP Lifecycle Management leverages proven process sophistication at three key levels


Bring about business transformation through new business processes, technology platforms, process innovations, and new business models to make you more competitive Bring about business transformation through new business processes, technology platforms, process innovations, and new business models to make you more competitive


Deliver post-implementation application support, enhancements, and development as a trusted system integrator/partner


Discover how we can enhance your business processes to make you more effective in delivering goods and services to your customers while minimizing your support level requirements

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Innovation Where and When You Need It

Our approach to SAP Lifecycle Management revolves around our SAP engagement tools and frameworks delivered by NTT DATA global teams within the four key stages of an SAP implementation:


Business process design, KPI based framework, mergers /acquisition divestiture


Application enhancements, application development, implementations, and rollouts


Operation and building of Centers of Excellence, tool-based ERP lifecycle management, shared services, and application management


ERP-led business process improvement, portfolio rationalization, lifecycle management

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