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Intelligent Networked Cloud

An array of services and products designed to enable businesses to have a customized cloud solution, reducing the time and costs associated with this transformation.

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Intelligent Networked Cloud: an opportunity for businesses and service providers

The strategic move to cloud, now seen as essential for enterprises of every size and in every sector, provides an historic opportunity to Communication Service Providers (CSPs). 

Using new and emerging technologies focused on connectivity and networking, they can help enterprises start to gain financial and competitiveness benefits from cloud early. That enables CSPs to redefine their own relationships with their customers, becoming more strategically important and opening new, higher margin business opportunities.

The automation of delivery process for both network components and use cases can facilitate the management tasks, increase the solutions reliability, and accelerate the monetization of technology and resources. 

NTT DATA accompanies its clients in this transformation as a true Service Integrator, leveraging the capabilities of cloud, networking, on-demand connectivity, edge delivery, and machine learning as interoperable elements of its solutions.

5G and future mobile generations, combined with optical infrastructures and a focused Product Portfolio, are in the path of IOWN paradigm, where NTT DATA is heavily committed to making it happen.

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Intelligent Networked Cloud: key elements

5G Enabling Fabric (5GEF)

5G Enabling Fabric (5GEF) is a product platform composed by composed by interoperable and independent modules designed for Network and Service Management working on Telco Mobile/Cloud infrastructures and for Network Slicing Management Function (3GPP NSMF/NSSMF) over 5G domains.


5G Enabling Fabric (5GEF)

Create Edge On (CreEdgeOn)

CreEgeOn is a product platform aimed to manage Edge Deployment procedures for software components, either Network Functions or Use Cases, based on the description of the requested network topology (Network Service Descriptor). Kubernetes® Containers are deployed on-prem or in CaaS mode over multi-cloud platforms. CreEdgeOn performs ETSI MANO functionalities also for Open RAN networks.

Security Edge Protection Proxy (SEPP)

Security Edge Protection Proxy is a mandatory Network Function required by 3GPP and GSMA bodies for enabling 5G Stand Alone Roaming and Inter-PLMN signaling between licensed operators. It allows traffic security, encryption, topology hiding and many other features. 


A complete, open, and interoperable product suite

The NTT DATA Product Portfolio is made up of a vast range of applications, which cover all functional and management levels of Public Operator networks as well as Private Enterprise infrastructures, starting from traditional BSS/OSS systems up to the network level, operating on different market segments: financial, commercial, industrial, environmental.

To ensure multi-vendor support, all products expose Open API interfaces, support 5G service-based primitives and have messaging adaptation and manipulation capabilities to manage proprietary extensions.

The roll-out cases cover both the Telco & Media sector, with public or private on-demand infrastructure and connectivity, IoT systems in the industrial sector, radio coverage in high-speed and low-latency transport solutions.

Supported solutions


Open RAN (O-RAN)

Open RAN (O-RAN) enables seamless interoperability of multi-vendor network elements (multi-vendor and multi-cloud). O-RAN network functions are deployed as virtualized or containerized Edge components.
NTT DATA is focused on O-RAN delivery, with 5GEF® product and specifically through Network orchestration for Radio Access (NoRA) specialized module. CreEdgeOn automatically deploys O-RAN Network Functions at the Edge or wherever requested.


Neutral Host

The Neutral Host solution provides operators access to shared resources owned by other entities through mutual agreements, so they can use network or infrastructure domains that effectively function as virtually dedicated resources. This approach enables operators to access and control the infrastructure they require without shouldering the full burden of ownership costs.


Service Management & Orchestration (SMO)

Service Management and Orchestration (SMO) is essential for delivering services across open network infrastructures, including 5G, Cloud, and markedly Open RAN. SMO combines coordination and automation to optimize resource allocation, and emphasizes flexibility, cross-domain interoperability, virtualization, automation, and fast service delivery. It plays a vital role in modeling, managing network resources, orchestrating service creation, and providing automation for rapid deployment.
NTT DATA SMO solutions include the 5G Enabling Fabric (5GEF®) suite which contains Network Orchestration for Radio Access (NoRA), specialized for Open RAN.


5G Private Virtual Networks (5GPVN)

Each successive technology advance has made it easier to access rich consumer content and business applications from remote locations and on mobile devices. Content providers and apps platforms have generated revenue from these advances and from the rapid increase in traffic this has caused, but Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) have seen their profit margins remain under pressure.
NTT DATA is keen to address the complexity of private companies in order to provide services for their own target users and be capable to manage infrastructure, virtualization and containerization techniques as well as low-cost, easy-to-manage and fast deliveries.


Innovative Optical Wireless Networks (IOWN)

IOWN represents a visionary concept for future communication infrastructure. It harnesses advanced optical and information processing technology to create a smarter world. Applications are deployed at both cloud and edge levels, with fiber networks enabling user access, and 5G (RAN, vRAN, Open RAN, Core) network slices facilitating user engagement, all aimed at creating an efficient and intelligent communication ecosystem.

What we can do


Virtual Visit - VisiVa

VisiVa allows the observer to be visually present and able to join an event as remote attendant with real-time, responsive, cross-device high-definition image quality. It's also possible to create a guided virtual tour led by an external subject and dedicated to multiple users simultaneously.


Easy Broadcast

Easy Broadcast drives visitors in remote places with an immersive modality, providing the opportunity to have private streaming or join public channels offered by service providers, as YouTube®.
The experience is accessible by multiple observers and their devices at the same time.


Tele Surveillance

Tele Surveillance enables the remote user to look at different places while moving synchronously several gimbal-equipped, on-site cameras by having a unique control wallboard.
The images are provided in real-time mode, 4K-definition image quality. The wallboard enables the user to select the individual camera for zoom or move it, whilst all the other audio/video flows run in parallel and are concurrently visible.


Remote Assistance

Remote Assistance gives the possibility to see what happens in a remote target place and provide support for operations, medical practices, and interviews in audio/video interaction mode.
The experience is focused on a 1:1 relationship between the target camera device (observer) and the assistant remotely connected. The assistant can also zoom the image or move a camera gimbal with amazing low latency and sync.


Smart Operations

Smart Operations enables a human operator provided with a special helmet under 5G radio coverage, capable to send multimedia through a 2-ways audio/video streaming to a remote Coordinator and receive his feedback over a separated audio/video stream.
The key role is played by the helmet, provided by a specialized technical partner and certified by NTT DATA.


SDN Wide Area Networking

SD-WAN is a connectivity service created dynamically (on-demand) for distributed topologies.
NTT DATA products create the topology and deploy the SD-WAN appliances, provided as software components by a specialized technical partner, aiming to set up a secured overlay network.
The service is focused on private companies aiming to accelerate their business.

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