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Organizations around the world are confronted with changes each and every day. Business Agility as well as flexible and resilient applications are key to adapt to this ever-changing environment and to drive rapid business value. NTT DATA's Global Agile/DevOps Center of Excellence helps customers overcoming these challenges by focusing on thought leadership, learning and knowledge exchange around adoption, implementation and scaling of Agile and DevOps practices. Its mission is to globally share and leverage NTT DATA’s best practices for modern application development and operations.

Do you want to know about proven methods to adapt to this challenging environment? Join NTT DATA’s Global Agile/DevOps Conference where real-life Agile/DevOps experiences will take the virtual stage and will be discussed and presented by speakers who play a key role in our client engagements around the world.


Reasons to attend

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Get insight

Get insights about the challenges and questions customers share across the globe around Agile & DevOps topics.

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Live demos

Experience hands-on presentations and live demos of solutions across NTT DATA to meet the current challenges.

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Discuss solutions with our presenters around how latest technologies are used to create business value.


To welcome audience from all around the world, conference is held in two time slots with the same content.

One plenary session with speakers from NTT DATA group around the world that will give you the latest insights about process optimisation and digital transformation paths.

In addition 3 parallel tracks to have a deep dive into the Agile and DevOps world:

  • Agile Transformation – This track is for you if you want to know how to develop large scale Agile/DevOps organizations and support large scale Agile/DevOps transformations using a framework like SAFe for driving Business Value. 
  • DevOps Foundations – This track is for you if you want to understand how the Agile/DevOps methodology and governance can match with cutting-edge technologies to boost your business safely and in a sustainable way. 
  • DevOps Practices Track – This track is for you if you want to know how the latest trends in automation and cloud-native technologies can be adopted and combined to achieve an effective CI/CD in your organization.

Check speakers and abstracts below.


8.00 - 9.35 AM CET/rerun 15.00 - 16.35


Make the journey agile; focus on value streams of work avoiding big-bang changes by adopting value stream management (VSM) as part of your Agile Transformation journey.

Keith Buehlman, Senior Director Agile Transformation, Consulting & Digital Transformation Services, NTT DATA Services

Keith Buehlman is an Agile Transformation Coach, Business Transformational Leader, and Consultant with over 20 years of Business & IT experience, to include 12 + years of Agile Transformation, Business Digital Transformation, and Innovation experience all the while championing the adoption of agile approaches and methodologies in both national and multinational organizations. Keith has a track record of success diagnosing issues and prescribing transformation strategies in both Agile Transformation and Business Transformation spaces to help provide Agility to those organizations. Keith has also developed a passion for New Product Development, Transformation and Innovation over the years and has built multiple strategies and teams including Innovation Incubators, Center of Excellences and New businesses and practices within those organizations to deliver value based outcomes. 

Come learn how VSM maps can visualize the people, processes, and technology and provide all your stakeholders the capability to observe and measure through metrics the flow of product epics, features, and work item artifacts in the value stream. Your whole organization - the business, executives, teams, and individuals - can transparently take ownership of what they each can do to deliver.


Efficient Automated Testing of a Contract Management System using Gherkin


Frank Bergemann, Managing Consultant - Team Test Advisory, NTT DATA DACH

Frank is working in NTT DATA DACH as a consultant in the area of Test and Quality Assurance. He has worked in this area within customer IT projects for more than 20 years. In recent years, he turned his attention to test automation and its DevOps integration using open-source methods and tools.


 In the SMYLE project, the Mercedes-Benz Bank develops a contract management system based on the standard SW product Alfa. A team of five colleagues from NTT Germany and Italy has the leading role to realize a pervasive test automation of the system using the Gherkin language. The main focus of our work is the formulation of Gherkin Tests in Jira/Xray that can be automated efficiently by customer's automation coding team in India. Upon this, our team has developed a dedicated Gherkin syntax which is well-aligned to Alfa and easy-to-understand and -use. Whilst test automation is often understood and done only by highly specialized experts, our concept made the design of automated tests a daily business of many user-story creators and product owners. Thanks to this, a remarkable degree of automation could be achieved in a short time. Based on our approach we also derived a new elegant way to create necessary test data on-the-fly.


DevOps for Sustainability

Maria Vittoria Trussoni, Technology Strategist & Champion of Sustainability, NTT DATA Italia

Maria Vittoria Trussoni, Technology Strategist & Champion of Sustainability, NTT DATA Italia

 Graduated in Mathematical Engineering from Polytechnic of Milan, Maria Vittoria has tried since her studies to combine her passion for technology with the intention of developing solutions capable of creating value for the society. The focus of her work has always been the application of emerging technologies to tackle business issues, such as optimization, analytics, AI, Blockchain and Quantum Computing. Today, she is Blockchain Technology Strategist and co-lead of NTT DATA's Championship Sustainability Goals, which explores applications of technology to support a more sustainable world.

Since its inception, DevOps has been dealing with optimization and waste removal. Better collaboration and automation help dramatically reduce development efforts, while bringing consistency to the workflow. Better product quality also means less correction cycles. So far, all these benefits have been aimed at improving the time-to-market while reducing costs. Thus, a very simple equation links DevOps to money. But there is a new factor companies are increasingly and urgently requested to face - namely Sustainability. For those companies heavily engaged in software technologies, this - at its simplest - refers to the energy consumption of their production process. Therefore, a new equation can easily link DevOps to... Watts. But there more than that: dealing seriously with sustainability requires a holistic approach. Within an organization, this means to involve the largest number of stakeholders, to address the topic consistently, also considering how and where teams collaborate and work. DevOps has the potentiality to reshape organizations and work models, contributing to bring its benefits to a healthier human ecosystem.

9.40 - 11.20 AM CET/rerun 16.40 - 18.20

Practical Implementation of How to Scale Agile to Large Teams

 Mohamed Radwan

Mohamed Radwan, Principal DevOps Consultant & Advisory Lead, NTT DATA UK

Mohamed works in NTT DATA UK as a Principal DevOps Consultant & Advisory Lead. He is author, blogger and Azure DevOps MVP specializing in DevOps, Agile and Azure Platform. Over the course of 18 years, Mohamed has helped over 50 enterprise companies based around the globe, some of them from the Fortune 500, including the UK, Denmark, USA, France, KSA, among others.


Large software organizations have earned the reputation of being big and slow to change. However, that is changing. Many large organizations are looking for making the transformation to Agile and to scale Agile principles with popular frameworks such as SAFe, LeSS, or Nexus. However, there is a lack of the technical implementation for those frameworks, in this session you will see and learn how to incorporate and scale Agile from an implementation point of view.Mohamed works in NTT DATA UK as a Principal DevOps Consultant & Advisory Lead. He is author, blogger and Azure DevOps MVP specializing in DevOps, Agile and Azure Platform. Over the course of 18 years, Mohamed has helped over 50 enterprise companies based around the globe, some of them from the Fortune 500, including the UK, Denmark, USA, France, KSA, among others.


SAFe Transformation journey in the insurance industry

Mike Ostheim

Mike Ostheim, Head of Agile Transformation, NTT DATA DACH

Mike is Head of Agile Transformation at NTT DATA DACH. With more than 15 years of experience in transformation projects, he combines expertise from leading agile and classic transformations with leadership roles in IT and management consultancies. In the 10 years prior to joining NTT DATA 5 years ago, he was responsible for complete IT Transition & Transformation programs as Project and Program Manager in the IT Outsourcing environment of HP/EDS.

Field report on the agile transformation journey at HDI Global Insurance with the introduction of SAFe - taking into account all management levels and business units with the help of the NTT DATA Agile Coaching Concept.


NTT DATA supports clients with their digital transformation - a real life case study

Saikat Dalui

Saikat Dalui, SAFe Program Consultant & Release Train Engineer, NTT DATA Corporation

Saikat is a SAFe Program Consultant & Release Train Engineer within NTT DATA Japan, having more than 11 years of experience in a Multinational Company (MNC). Currently working as Agile Coach / RTE in one of the NTT DATA project.}
 We are going to present the digital transformation and the case study of our customer. We will talk about their existing problematic areas and how we have helped them to overcome the situation by implementing SAFe and the latest technology. 


9.40 - 11.20 AM CET/rerun 16.40 - 18.20


The unbreakable delivery pipeline

René Forstner


René Forstner, Managing Technical Consultant, NTT DATA DACH

René works in NTT DATA DACH as a Managing Technical Consultant, supporting various customers mainly with Application Performance Management, Observability and Integrate all those topics into useful processes.


We’ll talk about some concepts of Site Reliability Engineering, Observability and Quality Gates and how they will make your delivery pipeline unbreakable without compromising code quality and increase the reliability of your applications while speeding up your deployment process. We’ll walk through the concepts of Service Level Indicators, Service Level Objects and Release Validation and how good observability mechanism can help in automating deployment processes.


Open Source Governance for a full and proper DevSecOps process

Marco Iusi


Marco Iusi, Open Source Manager, NTT DATA Italia

Marco is passionate about innovation and in recent years he is dealing with Open Source, in which he strongly believes as a lever for innovation, but at the same time he strives to spread a culture of greater awareness of related risks, addressing a way to prevent and govern them adequately. Marco also works with Cloud, he is responsible for the Google Cloud architectural team and for various initiatives aimed at improving skills and experiences in this area, always with an "open" approach.

 Open Source governance must be part of an actual DevSecOps process. Often the concerns related to the Open Source usage (legal, security and operational risks) are underestimated, the recent issue with Log4j should have taught a lot about this. Our proposal provide ad integrated way to put this part inside the software lifecycle as a part of a comprehensive CI/CD strategy, configuring fully automated pipelines with most widespread DevOps toolchains. As a part of OpenChain Community (OpenChain ISO/IEC 5230 is the International Standard for open source compliance) and partner of Synopsys, that is the best in class for Software Composition Analysis with the BlackDuck suite, we address this topic both from a methodological and a technological point of view as Open Source Competence Center in NTT DATA which provides services for the whole EMEA region, the presentation will give a practical and effective demonstration of that.

9.40 - 11.20 AM CET/rerun 16.40 - 18.20


CI/CD on Google Cloud Platform

Devid Verra

 Devid Verra, Payment Tech & Innovation Architect, Product Specialist, NTT DATA Italia

IT Architect, Product Specialist with decades of experience in the payments field, gaining considerable experience in the design and implementation of web and mobile applications, based on different technologies (J2EE, Node, Python). Designer and architect of e-Wallet and Mobile Payments systems, based on both SOA and Microservices architectures, with particular focus on the structure and definition of public / private APIs for integrating the various systems involved, including the main payment networks (Sepa, Swift, Blockchain).

 Thanks to massive gains in CI/CD (Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery) tools, automation is quickly becoming the DevOps norm. By investing in a CI/CD pipeline, organizations will benefit from increased agility in response to customer needs, increased developer autonomy, rolling updates to production and confidence in error free deployments. We are going to present an overview of the CI/CD pipeline for Java Microservices Application, based on Google Cloud Platform managed services, like Source Repository, Cloud Build, Artifact Registry, Trace, and so on. It is going to be a deep dive into the GCP ecosystem for Cloud Native Applications.


BuDDy – Behaviour-Driven Development Automation Platform

Cesare Salerno


Cesare Salerno, Solution Architect, NTT DATA Italia

Cesare Salerno works in NTT DATA Italy as Solution Architect and Project Team Leader since 2016.
He is passionate about computer science, software quality expert and agile evangelist. During last years He designed software architectures for big NTT DATA's customers and contributed to implement remote working models for international and multi-country teams, leveraging on scaled agile methodology and adopting DevOps best practices and test first approaches (BDD-TDD).

 Enterprises are striving to have a cultural change and speeding up their delivery processes by introducing DevOps initiatives to emphasize the collaboration and create efficiency amongst all teams, with the paradigm of "Continuous Everything". The main challenges for supporting business agility is the alignment between business, development and IT in product delivery cycles. To make the collaboration ammongst these actors more effective, we propose BuDDy, an automation platform supporting the adoption of the BDD practices and paving the way to have a common language and avoid misunderstandings in defining and implementing business requirements. BuDDy's main goal is supporting agile business analysts in writing requirements by a natural language and developers in standardizing coding using a collection of extensible domain-based dictionaries which can be customized for every business domain. Starting from the definition of these requirements through well-known requirements management systems (e.g. Jira), BuDDy will generate automated acceptance tests, then automatically execute them by the inferential engine and then generate reports for review activities and continuous improvement process.


AWS Serverless for Java Developers with Quarkus and GraalVM

Alexander Burkard, Managing Technical Consultant, NTT DATA DACH

Alex works at NTT DATA DACH as a developer, firefighter, architect and team lead. In his private life, he enjoys being outside in company and is very proud of his two daughters.


Going serverless without leaving your ecosystem is super easy! Use Quarkus. Add two parameters to your build. And you're ready to go. Is this really the first thing I've found that doesn't require compromise? Let's find out!

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Morning Session
Thursday, February 3rd, 8.00 - 11.20 CET

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Thursday, February 3rd, 15.00 - 18.20 CET

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Our Speakers

Plenary Session

Frank Bergemann
Managing Consultant - Team Test Advisory, NTT DATA DACH

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Keith Buehlman
Sr. Dir. Agile Transformation, Consulting & Digital Transformation, NTT DATA US

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Maria Vittoria Trussoni, Technology Strategist & Champion of Sustainability, NTT DATA Italia
Maria Vittoria Trussoni
Technology Strategist & Champion of Sustainability, NTT DATA Italia

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