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5G Enabling Fabric

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Your 5G Partner for Acceleration, Monetization, and Transformation.
5G is more than just an evolutionary step to a new generation of technology. It represents a fundamental transformation of the role that mobile technology plays in society and has the potential to deliver significant economic and social benefits across the digital economy.

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NTT DATA 5G Enabling Fabric

5G Enabling Fabric (5GEF) is a cloud-based platform specifically designed for configuring and delivering  usiness services to enterprise customers.


NTT DATA’s solution provides Telcos and MNOs with a modular platform for deploying business applications provided by any relevant vendor, to virtually any location worldwide, as easily as opening an account with a mainstream SaaS provider.


A slice-oriented architecture supports delivery of secure, dedicated services on a global shared platform, while an abstraction layer enables customer self-selection for automated launch of configurable use cases

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Security Edge Protection Proxy enables mobile roaming traffic worldwide with the idea to have a secure and private signaling and data exchange.

SEPP functional block enables secure interconnect between 5G networks.

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5G Whitepaper

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