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Senior Customer Experience Strategist


NTT DATA, Global IT Innovator, è il partner per servizi e soluzioni IT dedicato ai clienti in tutto il mondo. Garantisce servizi IT innovativi e di prima qualità con un impegno a lungo termine. E' uno dei principali player a livello mondiale in ambito IT services. Con sede a Tokyo e 100.000 professionisti in oltre 50 paesi nel mondo, di cui oltre 2.700 solo in Italia, fornisce servizi e soluzioni IT diversificati che includono consulenza, system integration e outsourcing. I settori in cui opera sono: Automotive, Servizi bancari e finanziari, Energia e Utilities, Assicurativo, Manufacturing, Media e Intrattenimento, Pubblica Amministrazione, Retail, Telecomunicazioni, Trasporto e Logistica.

Una realtà in cui gli elementi della cultura giapponese si sposano con quelli europei, creando un ambiente multiculturale, dove perfezione, tecnologia, collaborazione si amalgamano perfettamente.



Tangity is an NTT DATA design studio. Our goal is to help companies create and deliver products and services with maximum impact. As the center of excellence and founder of the NTT Design Network with over 400 designers in 13 studios worldwide, our strength comes from operating on a global level with a single professional vision. At the same time, each one of our studios adds its own individual value through its unique cultural identity. 


We believe that Design is the capability to create things that people love. Reaching people’s hearts means to look into their aspirations, their dreams and to bring different cultures together. The only way to do this is to mix creativity with competences.


We are looking for a talented Senior CX Strategist, who sees the opportunity for improvement in everything.

The best experiences cannot be created by individuals but should be reached across the traditional disciplinary silos forging new forms of collaboration, championing human-centered design from project kick-off to delivery.


Customer Experience Strategists create the people-centric foundation of projects, fusing practices of design and strategy while ensuring the delivery of the specific brand and business promises.


As a Senior CX Strategist you will contribute to the shape and definition of design activities throughout engagements at the project level.

Required Skills


  • A bachelor graduate with 2+ years' experience working in the innovation field for a strategic or innovation consulting firm, a brand strategy firm, a corporate innovation or management consulting, product management or a venture capital firm
  • Passionate about understanding people and businesses, with a strong balance between analytical and creative skills, and the ability to think outside the box
  • Able to use design research, market research, business analytics and to identify markets, insights, problems, unmet needs and technologies that can be tapped and turned into innovative new products, brands, and services
  • Comfortable in a consulting role and experienced with a client-facing position
  • Communicate to the client the insights and stories behind the strategy and concepts we design
  • Able to work independently to deliver a project from start to finish
  • Create key deliverables (research output, detailed user journeys, service blueprint, system map, stakeholder map)
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Fluent in English (spoken and written).


This is an amazing time to join the team as we continue to grow at a fast pace.


If you feel like you are up for a challenge, please apply with your CV.


Location: Roma, Milano

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